Globalization has increased essential elements or processes in the movement of people, information, technology, culture, and ideologies all across the world. Globalization has changed the way individuals travel, eat, study, dress, live and what they purchase from businesses such as retail stores. Businesses have also gained from this concept because it has enabled them to become more efficient and competitive. The concept has made my life easy in the way it has influenced various aspects of my life. I will provide a summary of how the concept has transformed my life in this essay.

Globalization has improved the standards at the workplace as companies try to adopt global standards of safety, security, and efficiency using technology. For example, where I work, managers try their best to ensure that the final output matches that of multinational organizations. This is because the organization aims at serving both local and international customers, and in order to do this, they recognize that their products have to fulfill international standards so that they can appeal to foreign customers. Managers do this by scrutinizing the work of all employees to ensure that they we do not make errors. The organization also offers training to enable all workers to acquire the skills that are common in international business, for example, communication skills and customer service (Bhagat, Segivis & Nelson, 2016).

The concept has also made learning easy at school, for example, students do not have to attend the library in order to access resources with which to complete their assignments. A person only needs a computer and internet to work on assignments from the comfort of their homes. In fact, it is much easier to peruse through different materials through the internet more than accessing them physically at the library. The internet saves time that would be spent moving from one shelf to the other looking for a single resource and it also saves space; if one had to use numerous books at once, they would need to be placed on a large space on the reading table. However, the internet saves space because one is required to open a new tab for each book.

The entertainment sector has become integrated across the world because of globalization. The sector has introduced digital technologies such as televisions, which enable individuals in various parts of the world to view international channels using their screens (Sassen, 2015). The digital television has transformed my life because I can view news from around the world on channels like world news and Aljazeera. I can also access songs, movies and any type of videos produced across the world on you tube, which is an entertainment platform that is accessible all over the globe. One can also read news online instead of purchasing newspapers, which were used traditionally.

Globalization has led to the eruption and the dominance of new ways of encountering and meeting new friends. Popular network tools such as Facebook and Twitter have provided the society with a platform to meet friends from different parts of the world (Sassen, 2015). Social networks have also connected families and colleagues who live apart by enabling them to text and update each other on various issues. Networks such as Skype enable family members and friends to communicate one on one using video whereby each person sees what the other one is doing.

Finally, globalization has increased migration from one region to the other, for example, from Africa to Europe. Emigrants also move from Asia to the United States and others travel from the western countries to Asia or Africa (Bhagat, Segivis & Nelson, 2016). This means that neighborhoods have changed a lot in that a neighbor may be someone from another continent or culture. Although travelling has been made easy, migration sometimes leads to problems such as congestion in the places where immigrants settle in new regions.

Globalization has significantly transformed the world in numerous aspects, hence creating effectiveness in business and people’s lives. At the same time globalization has impacted negatively in terms of increasing congestion in places where foreigners settle among the locals. It is, therefore, necessary to make a progressive change in the way globalization influences our lives to ensure that its negative effects do not exceed the positive impacts.



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